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We are The Team Taking Care of Your Money’s Growth, Manage & Safety.

Team IIWALA is a niche boutique of ‘Assets Management and Financial Advisors’ loaded with all required tools, technology, skill-set, and knowledge which is must to plan and manage Investment, Insurance & Tax Need.

Considering the tumultuous and the volatile times that we are living in, the need for valuable and active financial planning together with asset management has become more important and critical these day. Everyone’s goal is to create, grow and preserve wealth. And that where IIWALA aims at, where we have ensured our platform satisfy all your Financial NEED and thereby help in achieving all your financial Goals and creating Wealth YOU Deserve.

Financial Product consultancy & services are built on the foundation of research and analysis, which lays to gain trust and responsibility and hence we are always committed towards exceeding the expectations of the clients. IIWALA on backend is associated with couple of leaders in Insurance & Investment Industry through which we not only deliver you your requirement but also ensure you get the best available of International Standard our platform too.

Insurance is only an instrument with which, you can ensure your loved ones REST of life are not deprived without YOU” & “Investments is only an instrument with which you can ensure yours loved ones DREAMS of Life comes true in reality.


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Mr. Vinayak

Founder & Owner of the Company, a brilliant analyst who has rich experience of more than 13 Years from field of Information Technology, where his major association was with IBM and have served TOP Corporate Clients. Also have worked within top Financial Companies & Service Industry. This helps team IIWALA in networking and staying par of current times and takes care of all Business Promotion Strategies and Technology Service which is key factor in delivering services today. Also a well trained Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

Mr. Amit

An associate and person who is an ardent finance professional, already a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), He is well versed in Portfolio Management Services (PMS) and Fund Management and takes care of all PMS account of the firm. He work with one of the top Financial Companies besides with this association, thus enhances a wide spectrum of services to clientele of our firm. He handles and takes care of all the monitoring and reviewing client’s portfolio and work towards safe guarding interest of our clients.

Mr. Sanjay

An associate and Chartered Accountant no need to mention what his expertise are.. and what he takes care in our firm... He is one of the key person and takes care of backend support who plays a major role in gaining clients satisfaction by letting team knows who is the right candidate and potential clients who needs our attention, which comes to his knowledge while handling clients Tax Liabilities and ensure each of our clients get maximum benefits and creates wealth for them..

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