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Team IIWALA is a niche boutique of ‘Assets Management and Financial Advisors’ loaded with all required tools, technology, skill-set, and knowledge base which is must to plan and manage, your Investment, Insurance & Tax need and there by helps  achieving all your financial Goals and creating Wealth YOU Deserve.

We-The People

Mr. Vinayak a very soft spoken and strong believer for his value and disciple while interacting with anyone, He holds Bachelor Degree in stream of Commerce & now pursuing for CFP and is already registered with FPSB of India. In this short span of couple of years he has mastered INSURANCE Product like anything.  And Handles all the Insurance Portfolios together with FP Services. In addition to almost 2 years of his experience as of date here, He brings 12 years of tremendous rich experience from field of Information Technology, where he was majorly associated with IBM and served TOP Corporate Clients of IBM.

He is know with name “Dev” among his colleagues, He is a brilliant analyst and brings in rich professionalism way of work culture meeting world class standard, which helps team IIWALA in networking and stay par of current times and takes care of all Business Promotion Strategies and technology service which is key factor in delivering services today.

Mr. Amit an associate and person who is an ardent finance professional, He is also  B.Com and is already a Certified Financial Planner, He is well versed in Portfolio Management Services (PMS) and Fund Management and takes care of all PMS account of the firm. He work with one of the top Financial Companies besides with this association, thus enhances a wide spectrum of services to clientele of our firm. He handles and takes care of all the monitoring and reviewing client’s portfolio and work towards safe guarding interest of our clients.

He is quite, attentive and has good aggressive approach, pretty straight forward while giving opinion and advice, He is who knows what he is doing and why, He also takes care of all the Trainings, Knowledge Database & Skills Improvement of our Team, which is a backbone of our firm for delivering service commitments and on which depends our future growth.

Mr. Sanjay an associate and Chartered Accountant no need to mention what expertise and what he takes care in our firm. He is one of the key person and takes care of backend support who plays a major role in gaining clients satisfaction by letting team knows who is the right candidate and potential clients who needs our attention, which he comes to knowledge while handling clients Tax Liabilities and ensure each of our clients get maximum benefits and creates wealth for him. Besides this association he is an independent tax consultant.

Needless to say, Team IIWALA is a perfect and complete group of professionals which fulfills the requirements in all three domains which are related to growing and saving money.

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