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Insurance Consultancy:

IIWALA is one the best and few who provide consultancy in field of Insurance. HEALTH and LIFE Insurance is almost taken by everyone, and bad decision taken here can impact individual too much. Hence our firm only focuses on these two segments when we term Insurance Consultancy and not other Insurance. More over the level of service required is much more than what it is primarily seen and is in great demand today. There is lot to know on Understanding Importance & Benefits of Insurance Consultancy which dose save your time and money.

Insurance is first step of financial planning and plays a very vital role to attain financial stability. Insurance Consultancy Services is one part from our vide range of services which we provide and our Service Procedure defines it best, with what kind of service we provide in this field. There is also much much more to know on Health and Life Insurance individually which will enable you to know the difference in our service and why are we preferred by many

Service Procedure

As a value based firm and committed to deliver quality service, we have a dedicated service procedure categorized in four sections and eight different level of service which helps to quantify the exact requirement of client and encourages more and more people to get connected with us. Every visitor/ prospect passes through compulsory process of CDP steps which help us to know which service is appropriate for the customer and suits best to fulfill his CURRENT & FUTURE NEED.

Fainancial Planning Service Procedure

All the Four different categories Basic, Standard, Premier and Platinum are classified free and fee based as per their requirements which are part of our (CDP) Criteria Defining Process.

Basic: A first step and part of CDP process is a service which is completely FREE, where in Basic Need Analysis is done and then only any insurance or investments product is processed for services. Which is really very helpful for any person.

Standard : An extension to Basic Service, which is an advance level of NEED ANALYSIS and proper and deep Fact Finding and Tax Planning is done and based on which, Insurance & Safe Investment with low risk product are recommended purely called as Insurance Portfolio Service. It is a fee based service and can be conditionally free too.

Premier : An extension to Standard Service which too is based on the result of CDP process or as per the individual customer requirement and their risk taking appetite. Medium Risk Investment instrument are recommended and all the support with regards to sale and service are given. It is completely a FEE Based Service only.

Platinum : This service is very limited into action as of now, however we have the support in our system and provision are made in our wealth management system.

Kindly check our other service and fees section, for more information on particular services do check the individual page which will give you more detailed information or simply Contact Us

Tax Consultancy:

This is one of the basic services which is required by many and does not need much introduction. Our Service is similar to any individual professional or tax consultancy companies who provide this service. But how can we beneficial to any individual is very clear with this comparison service charts requirements in this field which gives us smart edge toward other.


Tax Consultancy Service Chart